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About CSIE
About CSIE

Founded in 2005, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering aims to educate and train students to become IT professionals that meet development needs of both the nation and the Taitung region, or postgraduate students that may further pursue academic careers. Teaching and research of the department currently focuses on three main areas: “Software design and application”, “Embedded systems and Applications” and “Network communication and Applications”. Members in the department actively seek for chances to promote business efficiency of local businesses by helping owners use IT techniques, and the level of cooperation with the local government in IT education.

In the summer of 2014, the department moved from Taitung campus to Jhihben campus. Now, located at the 2nd~5th floors of the newly constructed building C of the Engineering and Science college, the department provides students with a decent and friendly environment for studying and learning, offers opportunities for continuing education to IT practitioners in the Taitung area, and serves communities in Taitung area as a source of digital content.

Currently the department only offers an undergraduate program which will prepare students for careers. To fulfill this commitment, we emphasize not only in teaching knowledge but also in cultivating team spirit; engage students in both knowing and practicing. With this practicing, the department continues to be one of the preferred departments for many students.


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